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Sorry to say sister Baji aap itni pyari aur itni acchi bate kar rahe hai aur aap itna sabkuch janti to plss baji aap apne sar per dubatta rakhiyega hamesha se kyunki rehmat ke farishte uss aurat ke pass rehte hai jo apne sar ke baal dikhati nahi hai to aapke sath bhi rehna hai na baji. Aoa meri date ko birth 26 sep h plz mery bary m sb kuch bata dna luck k bary m pasa kitna ho ga m married h 3 bachy h mery.

Ya Allah in sab logon ko hidyat dey is Aurat ny kistra pagal kia HOA he sab kooo us din se daro jab Allah k Hazor aap logon ko pocha jey ga tab. Prediction on Sagittarius star is always given very short. Try to balance all stars equally not your favourite ones in detail and others very briefly.

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Mohotrma allaha miya nahi bolte Allah pak ya allah tala ya Khuda ye pak bhi bol sakty h har mahi ne ki rashi bataty h aap kiya. Aqurious 4th Feb plz koi achha stone batain kyun k buhat nakami media hai media main ab an case bhi ho gya muqadma kamyabi k lieu much batain plz.

Im sorry. No solid statements since last 6 months.

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Mam, u r good but plz make calculation as per correct moving stars. Mara sitar Aquarius ha pichla kahi salo sa tension ma ho ya kab hatm ho plz plz reply kr d.

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You are likely to come to a personal epiphany as you recognize feelings that you may have buried due to busy-ness or distraction. This lunation puts you in the spotlight - you are in demand! Knowing your heart is empowering, even if you don't yet have a plan set in stone for going after what you want, and it's a beautiful way to close out the year.

The year ahead is strong for self-expression, personal enjoyment, and creative pursuits, dear Cancer.

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Serious energy is brought to partnerships in Until November, Jupiter continues to bring fullness to your life in the areas of recreation, romance, and creativity. Many opportunities arise for you to enjoy yourself. What sign am I? Not sure which sign you belong to?

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Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign? Is there a 13th zodiac sign? About your Friend Find out something amazing about your friend. Daily Cancer Horoscope, Friday, 28 December. Cancer Daily Horoscope? Cancer Daily Horoscope December Astrology on the Web Problems straighten out and answers or news you've been waiting for arrive, helping clear the path for better decisions and forward motion as the year comes to a close. Cancer Horoscope You have more courage to try new things, and you're strongly motivated to learn, grow, improve, share, and connect. After a decade at 29, Acharya Shilarakshita ordained him a full Monk.

The lamp that first saw light in Bangladesh was now ready to illuminate the world. He remained there for 12 years learning from Guru Serilingpa Dharmakirti- the greatest Eastern scholar of his time.


It was now time to get back to Bengal. On return, Atish ventured to Tamralipi Sri Lanka.

There were 8, students and professors, many of whom came from as far as China, Sri Lanka, Persia and Greece. Alongside Buddhism, the Veda, Upanishadas, literature, logic, medicine, science and astronomy were also studied. Soon Atish became the Chancellor of other universities of the region. One day a call came from Tibet. Buddhism was in danger. At first, Atish declined.